Racheal Karanja

Racheal Karanja

  • PositionManaging Partner, Head of Corporate and Commercial
  • Practice Area:Commercial,Conveyancing,Family Lawyer
  • Addresses:Madonna House,1st flr,Suite 112,Westlands road,Westlands.
  • Joska Plaza, 2nd Floor suite F1 and F2 Joska Town,off Kangundo Road.
  • Phone:+254 704 303 341
  • Email:[email protected]

Personal Experience

As the firm’s managing partner, Racheal Karanja assumes a pivotal role in overseeing all aspects of its operations and strategic direction. With her vast experience as an Advocate and Legal consultant, as also from her training at UNITAR in Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Innovation, and Leadership, she ensures that the firm delivers exceptional legal services to its clients while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. Her background as an Advocate offers comprehensive legal services across a diverse range of practice areas. Her expertise in Commercial Law and International Regulations and conveyancing and real estate stands to benefit her clientele greatly. Racheal’s practice also extends to Criminal Law, Children’s Law, Family and Succession Law, and Conveyancing.

As a Professional Certified Mediator, Racheal Karanja has played a pivotal role in advancing mediation services. She collaborated with National Legal Aid Services on a government-sponsored pilot project, aiming to promote and diversify mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method.

In her capacity as a Certified Legal Auditor, Racheal Karanja plays a crucial role in evaluating the legal processes and practices within the firm. Through meticulous examination and analysis, she identifies areas for improvement and ensures compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry best practices. By conducting thorough audits, Racheal helps mitigate legal risks and enhances the firm’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, Racheal is deeply involved in risk compliance management, where she develops and implements comprehensive strategies to mitigate legal and regulatory risks for the firm and its clients. Through proactive risk assessment and mitigation measures, she safeguards the firm’s reputation and financial well-being while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Overall, Racheal’s multifaceted role as the managing partner encompasses strategic leadership, quality assurance, risk management, and compliance oversight, all aimed at delivering unparalleled legal services and upholding the firm’s reputation as a trusted legal advisor.


  • Masters in Commercial Law and International Safeguards and Regulations (In Progress)Specializing in commercial law and international safeguards and regulations to further deepen her understanding and expertise in these critical legal practice areas.
  • Certified Legal Audit and Compliance: Specialized training in legal audit and compliance, ensuring thorough evaluation of legal processes and adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Certified Professional Mediator: Racheal Karanja is a Certified Professional Mediator, a credential she obtained through training and recognition by the Mediation Training Institute. This certification demonstrates her proficiency in alternative dispute resolution techniques and her commitment to facilitating peaceful resolutions in legal matters.
  • Postgraduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law: Building upon her LLB, Racheal pursued further education at the prestigious Kenya School of Law, where she earned a postgraduate diploma. This advanced qualification likely provided her with specialized training and practical skills necessary for the practice of law in Kenya.
  • LLB Holder: Racheal Karanja holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, indicating a strong foundation in legal principles and jurisprudence. This degree  provided her with comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of law, laying the groundwork for her successful career in the legal field.


  • English, Kiswahili.

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