Daphne Njoroge

Daphne Njoroge

  • Position: Legal Assistance
  • Practice Area: Research and Legal Administration
  • Addresses: Madonna House,1st flr,Suite 112,Westlands road,Westlands.
  • Joska Plaza, 2nd Floor suite F1 and F2 Joska Town,off Kangundo Road.
  • Phone: +254 718 951 348
  • Email: [email protected]

Personal Experience

Daphne Njoroge is an experienced legal assistant with over five years of focused experience in legal administration. She is proficient in various administrative tasks essential to the legal field, particularly in preparing accurate legal documents and managing complex paperwork. Daphne efficiently handles the filing and organization of matters on judicial portals, facilitating easy access to crucial information.

Her key strengths lie in creating well-crafted statements and rigorously editing legal documents to ensure they meet the highest standards of precision and clarity. Daphne’s capability to succinctly convey complex legal concepts greatly aids in enhancing communication within legal settings.

Beyond document handling, Daphne skillfully manages office schedules, organizes files, and maintains inventory, promoting high efficiency in daily operations. With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, she is devoted to assisting legal professionals in achieving their goals with high efficiency and effectiveness.


  • English, Kiswahili


  • Hospitlity Management

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