Jacinta Muriithi

Jacinta Muriithi

  • Position:Partner, Head of Corporate and Commercial
  • Practice Area: Conveyancing and Real Estate Lawyer
  • Addresses:Madonna House,1st flr,Suite 112,Westlands road,Westlands.
  • Joska Plaza, 2nd Floor suite F1 and F2 Joska Town,off Kangundo Road.
  • Phone: +254 708 396 995
  • Email:[email protected]

Personal Experience

Jacinta Muriithi stands as a distinguished partner at Karanja Muriithi & Co Advocates. She has an LLB degree and a postgraduate diploma from the prestigious Kenya School of Law. Additionally, she holds the title of Certified Professional Mediator, earned through rigorous training at the Mediation Training Institute.

Jacinta excels as a litigator, adopting a dynamic and strategic approach. She expertly represents clients in various judicial proceedings with unwavering commitment and expertise. Her litigation skills significantly enhance the firm’s comprehensive suite of services.

At the firm, Jacinta leads the Conveyancing department with a specialized focus on Real Estate and Property Law. She skillfully utilizes the Ardhi Sasa platform, applying advanced technological tools to streamline property transactions. Her meticulous attention to detail and innovative strategies ensure she navigates complex conveyancing transactions effectively, safeguarding our clients’ interests.

Furthermore, Jacinta actively contributes to pivotal initiatives in the field of land and property rights. She played a key role in the National Titling Programme in both 2019 and 2020 and has been a prominent voice in stakeholders’ meetings concerning the Land Information Management System (LIMS). Her proactive involvement aims to shape policies that streamline land administration and resonate with the broader interests of the public and property owners.

With her extensive expertise, commitment to excellence, and proactive engagement in shaping industry advancements, Jacinta Muriithi is integral to Karanja Muriithi & Co Advocates’ reputation for unparalleled legal services, client-centric solutions, and innovative legal practices.


  • LLB Holder: Jacinta Muriithi holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, indicating a strong foundation in legal principles and jurisprudence. This degree  provided her with comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of law, laying the groundwork for her successful career in the legal field.

  • Postgraduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law: Building upon her LLB, Jacinta pursued further education at the prestigious Kenya School of Law, where she earned a postgraduate diploma. This advanced qualification likely provided her with specialized training and practical skills necessary for the practice of law in Kenya.

  • Certified Professional Mediator: Jacinta Muriithi is a Certified Professional Mediator, a credential she obtained through training and recognition by the Mediation Training Institute. This certification demonstrates her proficiency in alternative dispute resolution techniques and her commitment to facilitating peaceful resolutions in legal matters.


  • English, Kiswahili

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